Virtual Medical Consultations, LLC (VMC) is an American company designed to share the wealth of America’s achievements in health care and medical technology with patients around the world.

The United States leads the world in science and technology, and American medicine holds an especially privileged position, as demonstrated by the many world leaders and wealthy elite who look to America to obtain the highest quality medical care.


Access to quality health care impacts individuals across every border. VMC has been created to bring America’s health care advancements and achievements into the reach of people in every nation. Our mission is to build bridges between American medical specialists and patients in need, wherever they are. Thanks to VMC, individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have such access will now be able to obtain direct consultation and life-saving advice from American specialists.


The mission of Virtual Medical Consultations is to further America’s contribution to making the world more peaceful and friendly by mobilizing professional medical care to benefit patients worldwide. Practically and compassionately helping those in need can create an atmosphere where American doctors can make a positive impact on patients and families, building friendly relationships around the world.